NHSPE Mathcounts Competition

Mathcounts 2010


In New Hampshire, the MATHCOUNTS program is sponsored by the New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers and the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics.

The 27th annual state MATHCOUNTS competition was held at Plymouth State University on March 6, 2010. The students taking part were the winners from the six regional contests which were held in February. A total of seventeen teams of four students each, plus twenty individual students competed at the state level.

All students took part in two written tests, the Sprint Round and the Target Round, and then the seventeen teams competed in a separate, Team Round. The top twelve individuals took part in the Countdown Round, a fast-paced competition where problems are projected on a screen and the students have a maximum of forty-five seconds to calculate the answer.

The activities at Plymouth State University were coordinated by Dr. Jack Barry, Head of the Mathematics Department.

The results are as follows:

Winning Teams

1. Richmond Middle School (Coach - John Kitzmiller)
2. Cardigan Mountain School (Coach - Edilberto Ramos)
3. Hollis Brookline Middle School (Coach - Rosemary Mezzocchi)
4. Fairgrounds Middle School (Coach - Shijie Zhang)
5. Cooperative Middle School (Coach - Julie Schanck)
6. Keene Middle School (Coach - Erika Greenwald)
7. Crossroads Academy (Coach - Alison Gorman)

Individual Winners

1. Anish Thilagar - Hollis Brookline Middle School
2. Jeffrey Li - Richmond Middle School
3. Claudia Feng - Cooperative Middle School
4. Mark Kim - Cardigan Mountain School

Countdown Round

1. Jeffrey Li - Richmond Middle School
2. Anish Thilagar - Hollis Brookline Middle School
Semifinalist. Claudia Feng - Cooperative Middle School
Semifinalist. John Zhang - Fairgrounds Middle School

The New Hampshire State Team consists of the four individual winners of the contest. The coach is John Kitzmiller. The team competed in the National Contest in Orlando, Florida on May 7, 2010, and it placed 29th. Jeffrey Li, from Richmond Middle School in Hanover, placed 67th in the individual standings.

Planning is now underway for the 2010-2011 MATHCOUNTS season. We will need volunteers to help with the Regional Contests in February and the State Competition in March. Financial contributions to help defray the expenses of the program will be greatly appreciated.

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