NHSPE Mathcounts Competition

Mathcounts 2011


MATHCOUNTS is a national mathematics competition for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. In New Hampshire, it is sponsored by the New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers and the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics.

The state is divided into six regions. The students first compete at their local schools and then at the regional level. The three winning teams from each region, together with top-scoring individuals not represented on those teams, then compete at the state level to determine the four winning individuals who will represent New Hampshire at the national competition in Washington, D.C. on May 6th.

At the state meet, the students compete in three written tests. Based on those results, the 12 top-scoring competitors then compete in the Countdown Round, a fast-paced test in which the questions are projected on a screen and the students have a maximum of 45 seconds in which to answer.

The individual winners who will make up the NH State Team that goes to Washington, D.C. to compete in the National Competition on May 6, 2011 are:

1st Place – Jong Woo Ha (Coach - Ed Ramos -Cardigan Mountain School -Canaan)
2nd Place- Breanna Apple (Coach -Eileen Lonergan - Hampton Academy - Hampton)
3rd Place – Catherine Liu (Coach – John Kitzmiller -Richmond Middle School – Hanover)
4th Place – David Wang (Coaches – Diane Riehl and Lauren Dokas - Ross A Lurgio Middle School - Bedford)

The three winning teams are as follows:

1st Place - Fairgrounds Middle School – Nahsua - (Coach – Seema Sundra)
2nd Place - Richmond Middle School – Hanover – (Coach – John Kitzmiller)
3rd Place – Ross A Lurgio Middle School - Bedford – (Coaches – Diane Riehl and Lauren Dokas)

As coach of the second place team, John Kitzmiller will be the coach for the State Team and will go with the team to Washington, D.C.

The winners of the Countdown Round are as follows:

1st Place – Sean Sullivan – Cooperative Middle School
2nd Place – Michael Hung – Cardigan Mountain School
3rd Place – Rohan Kumer – Richmond Middle School
4th Place – Catherine Liu - Richmond Middle School

Dr. Jack Barry, Head of the Mathematics Department, coordinated the activities at Plymouth State University.

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