NHSPE Board of Directors (BOD)

Meeting held at The Cat & Fiddle in Concord, NH on September 8, 1999. 


  • Lee Carroll
  • Dave Gates   
  • John Alger   
  • Craig Musselman
  • Holly Gallagher 
  • Harold Turner
  • Judy Houston
  • Dave Eckman

Not Present:

  • Frank Tilton
  • Matt Purcell
  • George Fredette
  • Rod Rheaume

Meeting called to order at 6:12 PM by LC.

Secretary’s Report:

RR not present.  Motion to accept the minutes for the last meeting as distributed byJEH.  The motion was seconded by JA.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report  (David Eckman):

Current account balance is $15,148.30.  Financial report provided.

We have received additional money back from Center of NH. Good job by GRF getting overcharges resolved.

DE checked on other types of checking account to be sure that this is the least expensive account, as far as bank charges are concerned.  He is confident that the Easy Business Interest account is the best.  It has a $0.75 per transaction charge over 75 transactions, but this only occurs during E-week activities.

Mathcounts report also included with financial report.  Shows positive income however, LC has not yet submitted his expenses for reimbursement. He intends to do this promptly since now knows how much $ available.  The MATHCOUNTS account shows a balance of $1,152.59. 

CM also has a reimbursement to submit for his National meeting attendance.  This will be done shortly.

HG asked about any tax forms that need to be completed for the account each year.  DE to check on it.

LC made a motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Seconded and approved.

Program Planning (Lee Carroll):

LC asked if the 2nd Wed. of each month was ok with everyone.  JH mentioned that GRF can not make ANY Wed. night meetings, and suggested another night.  After some discussion, a motion was made to keep the 2nd Wed. night meetings.  Seconded and approved.  Next meeting is 10/13.  LC to obtain e-week reports from GRF prior to meeting.

General membership meeting topics/locations/dates were discussed.  The following was suggested:

·         4 meetings throughout the year.

·         DG received a letter from a patent attorney, Phillip Decker, P.E., who offered to do a presentation on patent law.

·         DG also received a brochure from Rockingham Park, which has capabilities for a meeting.  (This option was received with enthusiasm from the board.)

·         MP suggested (via e-mail) a boat cruise on L. Winnipes., to Isle of Shoals, or on L. Sunapee, to educate membership on what’s going on at National.  Discussion followed and suggestion by JH to possibly to a Great Bay cruise with a presentation by a UNH biologist or on some project on the Bay.  All were good ideas.

·         JH suggested a combined meeting with another organization. LC suggested possibly having combined annual meeting with ME this year, instead of VT, for a change.

·         JH suggested having a meeting in Nashua, NH to get some different members in attendance.  And possibly having a CRREL rep. present at a meeting to discuss a current project.

LC to make some calls to follow up on a few of the above ideas, and will then contact the BOD with information.  We may be able to coordinate the patent law presentation in time for a late Oct./early Nov. meeting.

The Shaker Village annual meeting last May, coordinated by MP, was a big success. Everyone enjoyed the meeting.

Membership (Holly Gallagher):

HG got PE mailing labels from JT. Board for PEs located in NH.  She would like to send out a letter with a NSPE brochure/application with it.  JH to write up a letter for LC to review and sign.   JH to also check on and obtain more NHSPE letterhead and envelopes.

It was suggested that she try contacting Bob Couture again for assistance on this committee.

NE Regional Meeting in VT (Craig Musselman):

NE Regional meeting is to be held 9/30-10/2 in Burlington, VT.  CM planning to attend, and suggested that JH also attend as President-Elect.  Regional meetings to be more important to State chapters, due to pending reorganization of National BOD.

CM made motion for NHSPE account to pay for JH to attend VT meeting if she cannot come up with $ elsewhere.  Seconded and approved.

Legislative (John Alger):

House Bill 524 went into law, which adds another academic member to the JT. Board.

The 10,000th PE license was issued to Eric Reitter, who was presented the license by the Governor.

JA is on the Education Committee and has been participating in the planning of 6th grade standard math testing, to be held in May.

CM is the newest member of the JT. Board Congratulations!

DG and CM have been following the geologist bill. The geologist association put in a bill last year for licensing of geologists in the state.  The engineering organizations had a lot of problems with this bill, and developed a committee with CENH, NHSPE and ASCE.  After a number of meetings with the committee and the geologist group, they have worked out acceptable revised wording.  The bill will most likely still be controversial, to geologists and engineers, alike - the geologists still want licensure.

Discussion on stamping of plans ensued.

MATHCOUNTS (Lee Carroll):

1st letter has been sent out to schools about program.

Packing up of the coaches envelopes is scheduled for next Thurs. 9/16/99 at 5:30 p.m. at Bedford Designs’ office in Londonderry, NH.  Help is needed.

The program is in need of a Seacoast Region Coordinator.  The existing coordinator has been doing it for 17 years now, and would like to recruit a replacement this year.  DE knows the existing coordinator, who is a professor at UNH.  DE will contact him to find out what would be entailed.

LC also stated that he is also recruiting a replacement for himself as State Director.  If anyone is interested, or knows of someone who may be interested, please let him know.   HG suggested that a notice be placed in the next newsletter.  JH suggested a notice on the NHSPE and Jt. Board websites.

Website Status (Dave Eckman):

Site is up and running.  Jeremy Edmunds put last updates in before he left school for Manhatten.  JE has researched other folks to maintain site.  JE will maintain for us remotely, until the Spring of this coming year; then we’ll have to find some other option.

Site is currently hooked to 4-5 search engines. 

A hit counter has been added to the page, as recommended by JA.  There have been over 200 hits since DE last checked.

The page is also linked to the JT. Board’s site.

Send any ideas for the page to DE at .

Observer (Paul Schmidt):

JH met with PS and Doreen Rolls, and passed over to him all of the Observer files. 

PS is planning a November issue, and would like articles/content by 10/15/99.

CM has a National Director’s letter to put in.

JH suggested that PS contact MP for a short article on the May Annual Meeting he coordinated, and also getting photos from JE or DE (photos are also on the website).

PS plans to do a short writeup and photo on the 10,000th PE licenses presentation. 

JA suggested an excerpt from a Texas newsletter on “Why Codes of Ethics?” by NSPE counsel Arthur Schwartz.

National Director (Craig Musselman):

CM attended the National meeting in Spokane over the summer.  Report provided.

Key points voted on were: 

·         Restructuring proposed of the National BOD to 30 people or less.  To be voted on at January meeting.

·         Regional meetings to be come more important to state chapters for National meetings.

·         Approved $20K for legal pursuit in Delaware regarding the use of the term “engineer”.

CM plans to attend Regional meeting in VT.

He suggests phasing out the National Director position of NHSPE.  With at least 2 people going to the future Regional meetings, don’t need another person. 

CM recommended that JH attend January meeting in VA also, for President-Elects.

QBS Committee (Craig Musselman):

QBS now has website linked to NHSPE and JT Board pages.  There’s also information that can be downloaded from site.

Port Authority recently revised an RFP to be QBS compliant – a big victory for the QBS committee.

Since now on JT. Board, CM needs to step down as a co-chair of the QBS committee. He’ll stay on the committee for this year, but will need to be replaced next year.

DG also stated that he would like to get off the committee as a representative of NHSPE.

Other Business:

E-week:  JH stated that GRF will need assistance on any e-week activities this year.

State Director position: HT would like to resign as a member of the NHSPE BOD, due to his availability.  He would like to recommend a co-worker, Joe Ducharme.  JD is not a member, he was but let it lapse while working for the State. He intends to renew and is interested in joining the Board.  BOD not sure of how to handle resignation/replacement, since it’s an elected position by the general members.  LC to check the by-laws.  Vote delayed until by-laws checked.  HT will provide a letter of resignation and a copy of JD’s resume for our review prior to the next meeting, so we can vote then.

Post office Box:  JH tried to get into box today – NG.  Will have to check at counter tomorrow.  Bill paid by DE in August.  Both LC and DG called there.  Should be all set.  If we pay for an additional 6 months, that will change our billing period to middle of our active period, so we don’t have to go through this every year.  DE to send another check to the P.O.

Dinner for New PE’s:  HG has been talking with Louise Lavertu at JT. Board office about putting together a meeting to honor new PE’s, with the cost split between NHSPE and the JT. Board.  But no details nailed down yet.  NHSPE BOD present were very enthusiastic about this proposal.  Could either do a stand-alone meeting, or couple it with another membership meeting or the e-week banquet.

Applications for National awards:  LC and JH have copies if anyone wants them.

Annual Budget:  CM questioned the need for an annual budget.  Some discussion.  CM made a motion that DE prepare a budget for review and voting at next meeting.  Seconded and approved.

LC motioned to adjourn. Seconded and approved.

Adjourned at ~9:00 pm.

Meeting Action Items Summary:

  1. LC to submit MATHCOUNTS expenses for reimbursement.
  2. CM to submit National meeting expenses for reimbursement.
  3. DE to  check on any tax forms we need to fill out and submit to IRS.
  4. LC to make some calls on suggested membership meetings and let BOD know what he finds out.
  5. JH to write up introductory letter for LC to sign, so HG can send out to NH PE’s (located in NH) with NSPE brochure/application.
  6. CM plans to attend Regional meeting in VT end of this month.
  7. JH to confirm about also attending Regional meeting.
  8. Volunteers needed for 9/16 MATHCOUNTS packaging.
  9. New MATHCOUNTS State Director needed.  LC to put something in newsletter and on websites.
  10. New MATHCOUNTS Seacoast Region Coordinator needed.  DE to check with current coordinator for information on what’s needed.
  11. Send any ideas for the NHSPE webpage to DE at
  12. Newsletter articles due to PS by 10/15, for November issue.
  13. PS to check with MP on annual meeting followup article and photos for newsletter.
  14. Replacement for CM and DG on QBS committee needed.
  15. Replacement for JH on e-week committee needed.
  16. LC to check by-laws on resignation of HT from BOD.
  17. HT to provide letter of resignation and resume of recommended replacement, for vote at next meeting.
  18. JH to check with P.O. about box and resolve access problem.
  19. DE to send another 6 months of rental fees to P.O. for box.
  20. DE to prepare a proposed annual budget for review and approval at next meeting.