November 11, 1999



  • Judy Houston - JH

  • Holly Gallagher - HG
  • Lee Carroll - LC
  • Dave Gates - DG
  • John Alger - JA
  • Rod Rheaume - RR
  • Joseph Ducharme - JD
  • Frank Tilton - FT
  • Dave Eckman - DE


  • Paul Schmidt
  • Craig Musselman
  • Matt Purcell


Board meeting at the Cat & Fiddle Restaurant - Called to order 6:17 PM


Secretary Report

The following items in the October 1999 minutes required clarification:

         RR added a reference to HR481 in the legislative report section, John Alger agreed it should be included.

         JH asked if Paul Schmidt was 10,000th engineer or is he writing an article on the 10,000th engineer? He was writing the article.

         There was a reference to a questionnaire from LC? It was distributed at the October meeting.

JA motion to accept minutes with corrections. HG seconded. Approved


Membership Meetings (LC)

Joint meeting with Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) will be held 11/30. The presentation will be on UNH’s Ocean Mapping Program. The cost will be $26. We will have to send meeting announcements. We should suggest people bring along a non-member to the meeting.


January Meeting to be held on the 12th. Philip Decker will speak on Protection of intellectual property and patent law. It was mentioned that we should issue CEU credits for attendance.


In the spring, the state PE Board will partially fund a PE recognition meeting with us.


Legislative Committee (JA)

Clark proposed bill - Eliminating CEU requirements. Her concern is that CEU'S are fragmented for health industry. JA spoke to her, she will exclude PE’s from her bill.


Right now, in the legislature, taxes are the biggest issue. There is not enough money to fund new expenses. An income tax is likely.


Membership Committee (HG)

The grant proposal has been mailed.

HG asked what is the status of recruitment letters & envelopes? JH got price quotes.

HG handed out NSPE membership recruitment tips from national for BOD to use.


Vern McFarland has requested life membership. DG motion approval, JA seconded. Approved.


Mathcounts (LC)

Bob Baskerville has got electronic filing into Bell Atlantic.

LC requested NEA funding.

February 5 = Plymouth region Mathcounts



Paul Schmidt was expected to update LC with status prior to the meeting.

This issue is to the "publisher".

When will the next issue be out? It should be before Engineer’s week. First week of February.

Another issue should be out in the spring before the final meeting.


National Director Report

CM not present. No new news expected at this time.


Engineers Week

The banquet will be held February 24th

HG is running banquet exhibitions this year.

JH indicated that we need someone to take over mall display.

JH ordering library display packets.

Londonderry High School is interested in E-week activities.


Other business

Dave Flaherty at UNH asked JH about co-sponsoring courses fo CEUs. She gave him a list of courses. DE will pursue the possibility of 1 day seminars at UNH. He will talk to the Continuing ED or SEPS departments.

T squared has CEU course listing. We should add a link to their site on our web page.


NSPE Consensus Congress - JH will be going to the January Meeting. Who else should go? MP? (If CM not going.)


Are there any "Fellow grade" nominations? Nominations due February 1.


JH asked if we have any nominees for Engineer of year or young engineer of year?


Web page

Jeremy has a proposal for continued maintenance of our web site.

Get off UNH’s server. Get an address such as

The cost will be approximately $200 for the domain plus $24/month for hosting.

DE will be out of UNH in spring. We may no longer have access to their server for hosting.

LC - If webpage is working out for us, we should get off UNH's server. Look into service options and be can decide how to proceed in December.


Treasures Report DE

Our current balance is $14260.77.

There is still approximately $6500 for Mathcounts coming in still.

Dave presented a budget of expenses. $24625 in expenses for the year.

1999 Mathcounts had an income of $245.01.

HG motion to accept report. JA seconded. Approved.


We have a QBS bill for $250. Motioned to pay. Approved.

NHSPE has a spot open on the QBS board (to be vacated by DG) - JD may be interested.


Joint Engineering Board issued a letter. There will be a New England Zoning meeting held in NH. They have requested NH souvenirs to give to the attendees. (100 gift bags) LC will contact board for ideas.


LC has not got hold of Texas yet. (Re: Software Engineering) He plans to do so.


Next meeting December 8, 1999 @ Cat & Fiddle.


Adjourned 8:05 PM