December 8, 1999


Meeting at the Cat and Fiddle Restaurant.  Called to order at 6:17 PM.



Lee Carroll - LC

Holly Galagher - HG

Joe Duscharme - JD

Rod Rheaume - RR

John Alger - JA

Judy Houston - JH

Dave Eckman - DE

Craig Musselman - CM

Paul Schmidt - PS

Matt Purcell - MP


Secretary's report:

HG motion approval of November Minutes as distributed, MP seconded.  Approved.


Treasures report: (DE)

Current Balance $14763.98

Mathcounts reimbursement not in yet.

MP motion to accept report, HG seconded.  Approved.


Update membership meetings (LC)

·         November 30 at the Durham campus was a well attended and went well.

·         Next Meeting will be January 2 in Portsmouth.  The topic will be Protection of intellectual property.  It will be held at the Sheraton.  Cost is $27.67 per person.  LC proposed a charge of $28.50 per person.  He asked the board whether we need to consider going to cheaper place?  The consensus was we do not as we would not save much.  We will require prepaid attendance.  We will issue CEUs for those who pre-register.  6 PM social hour, 7 PM supper.

·         Engineer’s Week Banquet will be February 24.

·         Spring meeting will be held in April.  At that meeting we will recognize new PEs.


Legislative (JA)

Kibby Bill - Will cancel "wetland scientists" as a recognized classification.

Hollingworth Bill- Allow "Engineering" in business name with out engineers on board.


Craig Musselman indicated that Ed Bergeron is working on two bills:

1 - Remove the PE Boards authority to wave FE requirement to qualify for the PE exam.

2 - Add a fifth PE Board member.  Require one of the members to be university faculty.


Lee Carroll reported that Texas now has "Software Engineer" Licensing.  He contacted their state board.  They are rewriting a statement.  Currently they have a waiver process since there is no exam.  The waiver process requires nine references with the application. 

They have licensed twenty-five engineers to date.


Membership: HG

Have not heard on membership grant funding yet.

Judy drafted recruitment letter.  LC will review & sign.  It will be in the mail in January.

Holly is creating a database for membership based on the NSPE lists.



JD taking over Dave Gate's position on the board.

CM will submit the grant request for the administrative position discussed last month. (now that he has forms)



The Bell Atlantic check has been received.

40 schools have registered to date.

Governor Sheheen has accepted an honorary chair title again.

Keene competition - February 18

Plymouth competition - February 5

State competition - March 4


NH Office of Emergency Management indicated they have funds for educational programs. (Mathcounts) Lee will solicit them.


Observer: PS

Next issue: First week of February.  Articles will be due to Paul at the January meeting.

Bulk mailing discussed.  JH will give PS an application. 

JH will write article on November meeting in next newsletter.


National directors report: CM

Nothing new

Next meeting in January.

Need to have someone attend regional meetings.


Engineer's week: JH for George Fredette.

Topic Idea: Speakers oldest engineer & 10,000th engineer.

Fundraiser: Raffle at banquet?  Solicit donations from exhibitors.

Ideas for raffle gifts: Logo golf balls, Ski passes from MP, Delorme map CD


Webpage: DE

Web hosting - DE has info for one hosting service.



We can register name @ separate from web hosting.

Motion to register domain name.  Approved.

RR motioned to have DE (with Jeremy’s recommendations) setup web hosting @ not more than $24/month.  HG seconded.  Approved.


Dave Gates and Rock Larochelle arrived for end of meeting.  (7:46PM)


Other Business:


LC - May 11-14th state board sponsoring NCSS meeting.  They requested 100 pieces for gift bag.  NH related item from NHSPE.  A few ideas were discussed.


DG - UNH courses:  Land surveyors sponsoring courses.  They have sold out quick.  We need to set up meeting with UNH & sponsor courses for engineering.  

DE met with Civil Department regarding PE courses.  They want specifics like duration (1/2 or 1 day, 3 day?) and topics.  UNH wants joint sponsored courses (with NHSPE).  DE will setup a meeting between UNH and LC.


CM suggested co-sponsoring courses with CENH?  Give them our mailing list?


Rock was asked if he would like to become active.  We need someone to run the Engineer’s Week mall display.


Scholarship: JH motion RR review applications for completeness & forward to National.  HG seconded.  Approved.


The next meeting is January 12 and is a general membership meeting.  We will conduct any required board business at that meeting.


The next full board meeting will be February 9, 2000.


Adjourned 8:35PM