Board of Directors Meeting held at The Cat & Fiddle in Concord, NH on April 14, 1999.


Not Present:

Dave Gates

John Alger

Rod Rheaume

George Fredette

Craig Musselman

Holly Gallagher

Lee Carroll

Harold Turner


Judy Houston

Dave Eckman

Chip Chesley



Meeting called to order at 6:12 PM by Dave Gates.


Secretary’s Report:

Motion to accept the minutes for the March 10, 1999 meeting as distributed by Matt Purcell. The motion was seconded by Dave Eckman. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report (David Eckman):

Current account balance is $18349.07.

One check from the Engineer’s Week banquet was returned (bounced). Dave will follow-up with the bank.


We have received some money back from Center of NH, but George Fredette is still trying to get a couple hundred more. (To resolve issues noted in 3/10/99 Minutes)


Dave Eckman paid $100 for a truck to move items for the mall display. NHSPE also paid for a truck one way. Dave will approach ASCE to see if they are willing to pay for one of the truck rentals. Lee Carroll motioned that if ASCE does not pay for the truck, Dave Eckman should reimburse himself from the NHSPE treasury. The motion was seconded by Matt Purcell. Approved.


Mathcounts now has positive income, and money still coming in.


Craig Musselman made a motion that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Lee Carroll seconded the motion. Approved.


Program (David Gates):

As of April 14th, twenty people are signed up to come to the April 21st membership meeting. Dave Eckman has more names to add to the list. We have made the minimum number required by the restaurant.


Matt Purcell has setup the annual joint meeting with the Vermont Section. It will be on May 27th at the Shaker Village Inn. Bob Syler, NSPE President, will attend the meeting and introduce the new board members. Invitations to the event will be sent three weeks in advance of the meeting.



The itinerary for event is as follows:

5:00 – 6:00: Shaker Museum Tour with presentation by Museum Official

6:00 – 7:00 Cocktails at Great Stone Dwelling with Cheese and Fruit Plate

7:00 – 8:15 Dinner from selected Shaker menu:

8:15 – 9:00 Presentation by Bob Syler and induction of new board



Legislative (David Gates):

John Alger was not able to make the meeting, but he updated Dave on the status of House Bill 459. House Bill 459 would remove the continuing education requirement for Professional Engineers. The Subcommittee has virtually killed the bill. They determined it is "Inexpedient to legislate."


Ken Malcom is replacing Nancy Kinney as the "public member" on PE Board.


Geologist’s Bill - Geologists want's licensure. PE's meet and feel "certification" may be more appropriate. There will be a follow-up meeting in May. Geologists need ability to regulate their field, but in some jobs registration should not be required. In general the geologists want a broad definition of field. Engineers want a more narrow definition and the ability to keep working in field. Bill Straub, the President of CENH, is heading representation of PE interests.



Holly Gallagher has been calling people to form a committee. She is also trying to get students interested.


Mathcounts (Lee Carroll):

There is a practice session next week. Ben Pratt will be the PE representative at the Washington DC National competition. The competition is May 16th with testing held on May 14th. This year we had a good turnout of engineers at the State Competition.


Webpage (Dave Eckman):

The page is still light on content. We have registered the site address with search engines, but have not asked National to add a link to their page. It was agreed that we should have a link from


Craig Musselman suggested linking with, the QBS website.


Jeremy has worked 6 hours on the webpage and wants $15/hr. Rod Rheaume motioned to pay Jeremy for 6 hours of work. Lee Carroll seconded. Approved.


Jeremy will graduate in a couple months. We'll need a replacement to maintain the website. Our options are to pay someone (student or professional) or to find someone in an engineering organization who will donate time. If we continue to use UNH students, we will have turnover every 2 years. Craig Musselman injected that for the long term we need to find someone to maintain the site for free.


Rod Rheaume asked if we should stop posting minutes on the website. Making the minutes readily available may cause board members to be more cautious in their statements. We do not always have all of the information on maters that we are discussing. Lee Carroll mentioned that minutes are public record, so they should be available. It was decided that the minutes should be posted after they are approved (at the next board meeting).


The webpage got one "hate" email. It was regarding the requirement for Continuing Education Units. Dave Eckman asked how we should respond. We decided that you cannot reasonably respond to someone who is venting their anger with the system.



Chip Chesley was not present, but he gave the list of nominations for next years board to David Gates.


Craig Musselman - National Director

Matt Purcell – Vice President

Dave Eckman -Treasurer

Rod Rheaume - Secretary

Judith Houston - President-Elect

State Directors - Harold Turner and Chris Bean (Please correct this name if I have it wrong)

Lee Carroll will take his post as president.



The next issue needs to go out soon so that it can contain the ballots for election of officers. We need to get in articles ASAP. Craig Musselman is preparing a QBS article regarding the recent NH Fish & Game RFP for services. Lee Carroll is writing a Mathcounts article.


Dave Gates motioned to adjourn. Craig Musselman seconded. Approved

Adjourned at 8:04 PM.