February 10, 1999

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting


The Board of Directors meeting was held at the Cat-N-Fiddle Restaurant in Concord, NH on February 10, 1999. The meeting was called to order at 6:20 p.m. by David Gates, President.






Secretary's Report:

Previously distributed minutes of the December 14, 1998 meeting were moved to be accepted as presented by Lee Carroll, seconded by Judy Houston-passed.


Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer was absent and no report was available. One will be forwarded by mail and will be acted upon at the next meeting.


Engineer's Week

George Fredette presented a report outlining the arrangements for Engineers Week. He advised that everything was in order for the banquet, to be held on February 25, at the Center of New Hampshire, Manchester. $600 in donations have been received to date from the following engineering societies:



The Master of Ceremonies assignment has been accepted by Wallace Stickney. The keynote speaker would be David Miller of the St. Louis Office of HOK Consultants. A $500 speakers fee plus travel and expenses has been agreed upon with a projected cost for the speaker of $1,100. George advised that his projection for the cash flow associated with the banquet was a positive bottom line of $750.


With respect to the national level program for Engineer's Week. He advised that the executive all-star nomination from NH request had been received too late to act upon.


Judy Houston reported regarding the Engineer's Week display set up for the Steeplegate Mail in Concord, NH. Athanasia Setas from CLD Consulting Engineers and Holly Gallagher from the University of New Hampshire have been managing the arrangements for the exhibit. They have reported a need for a VCR and a computer (Judy Houston has both under control). A roster of volunteers has been developed and additional people are needed to cover the booth from Friday through Sunday, with volunteers needed for the setup of the booth on Thursday evening and dismantling of it on Sunday evening.


In addition, four library displays, located in Concord, Manchester, Dover and Hopkinton have been set up by the Committee.


Program Committee

David Gates reported that an April meeting in the Concord area is being developed around a presentation by the NHDOT covering the 1998 Federal Transportation Improvements Act, known as TEA-21. Details are yet to be worked out, and it is hoped that the meeting can be held at the Cat-N-Fiddle Restaurant.


With respect to the annual meeting, the Vermont Society of Professional Engineers has indicated an interest in a joint meeting. A date of May 26, 1999 has been established for that meeting and Matt Purcell is working on a site and program in the Hanover, New Hampshire area.


Legislative Committee

John Alger advised that he has introduced a bill at the request ofwoodbury Fogg, Director of the Office of Emergency Management. That bill will encompass the re-writing of the interstate compact that comes into play during regional emergency management events.


He also is sponsoring a bill calling for the establishment of an emergency management fund. This bill is also requested by Woodbury Fogg.


He has also been working with the Board of Registration, which seeks the addition of a sixth member of the PE Board. That additional member would be one representing the educational community. It was noted that the current "public member" is Nancy Kinner from the University of New Hampshire. If this bill authorizing an additional member of the board passes, it is anticipated that Ms. Kinner would remain as the education representative with an additional public member being appointed.


David Gates and Craig Musselman discussed a recently held hearing on House Bill 459, which has been introduced at the behest of a professional engineer, and would discontinue the need for continuing education credits as a requirement for the renewal of licenses. David Gates advised that he had testified on behalf of the NHSPE urging a rejection of the bill.

The Board of Directors endorsed the action by the President which was required on extremely short notice. It was moved by Craig Musselman, seconded by Lee Carroll to endorse the continuation of the Continuing Education Requirement as it currently exists. Motion passed.


Web Page Proposal

In the absence of David Eckman who has been coordinating the establishment of an NHSPE web page, the planned status update report was not given. However, Holly Gallagher was familiar with the progress being made on the web page, so she gave a brief status report on the web page development.


Geologist Bill

David Gates advised that a proposed bill being sponsored by the State Geologists Association had been introduced. The bill calls for the licensure of geologists and they would be an additional participant in the joint registration/licensing board operation. A quick review of the proposal by several members of the Board of Directors indicated some troublesome sections of it, particularly with respect to the definition of what -constituted geology. The definition seemed to encroach seriously into the area of practice that has traditionally been the responsibility of professional engineers. Other engineering societies also found the wording troublesome. So, a working committee of the engineering societies has been established and several have sent letters to the President of the Geologists Association expressing concern and indicating an interest in working together to develop an appropriate definition for geology. These overtures have resulted in a deferral of the legislative process with respect to that bill. It is expected that the engineering groups will be meeting jointly in mid-March to establish a working group for a joint effort between the engineers and the geologists to work out details in the legislation.

In preparation for the meeting, the consulting engineers and NHSPE have assembled data from the National Office of NSPE and other sources to review what other states are doing with respect to the licensure of geologists.


Certified Erosion and Sedimentation Control Technicians

Judy Houston reported on a move afoot by a group of technicians seeking to have erosion and sedimentation control technicians certified. After discussion the consensus was that Judy Houston should write a letter pointing out that such certification would seem to violate the NH Engineering statute and regulations of the joint board. More is expected on this issue as time goes on.


Math Counts

Lee Carroll reported that 58 schools were participating, that three regional competitions had been held the previous weekend and that the State meet was scheduled for March 13, 1999 at Plymouth State College. The competition begins at 9:00 a.m. He pointed out that engineers are needed on March 13 to assist in the scoring of the exams taken by the regional winners.


QBS Coalition

Craig Musselman advised that a panel discussion had been held on February 8, 1999 in connection with the Consulting Engineers of NH meeting. Twenty people were present and there was a good discussion. He is developing a one-page fact sheet on the design professional selection process. There is some question as to whether the CENH or the QBS Coalition should be distributing such information. Also discussed was the hiring of a facilitator and how to finance the operation if other than a volunteer is used in the educational process aimed at the communities and others that are hiring design professionals.


National Director Report

Craig Musselman has been involved in three days of fairly continuous committee sessions during the recent national meeting of the NSPE. The meetings resulted in the adoption of a strategic plan. An Observer article is being prepared and the name of the National Organization remains unchanged.

Lee Carroll reported that the leadership sessions were very good, although they seemed to be slanted towards a justification of the strategic plan action that was reported upon by Craig Musselman.

It was moved by Lee Carroll, seconded by John Alger to reimburse Craig Musselman for his expenses associated with the recent national meeting. The motion passed with Craig Musselman abstaining.


Observer Cost Proposal

Judy Houston pointed out that the Observer was being produced through an improved methodology using printing in lieu of photocopying. The production costs, etc., have risen slightly, and the publisher has requesting a $100 increase per issue to a total cost of $675 per Observer issue. It was pointed out that there was a potential for the future addition of the Observer to the NHSPE web page (to potentially reduce mailing costs). John Alger moved and Lee Carroll seconded a motion calling for the acceptance of the Diane Roles proposal for the cost of subsequent issues of the Observer. The motion passed.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee was constituted to include Holly Gallagher, Steve LaFrance, Chris Smith, and Bob Couture.

Dr. Eugene Foster's request for life membership was referred to the membership committee, which will work out the details and report back to a subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors with respect to action needed to effect change in membership status.


Other Business

David Gates advised that a letter had been received from the Texas Society of Professional Engineers endorsing a candidate for National Office. The endorsement has been noted.



There being no further business to come before this meeting of the Board of Directors, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,


David W. Gates, P.E., Secretary Pro-Temp