Board of Directors Meeting held at The Cat & Fiddle in Concord, NH on March 10, 1999. Meeting called to order by Dave Gates.




Not Present:



Meeting called to order at 6:20 PM by Dave Gates.


Secretary's Report:

John Alger motioned that the minutes be approved, Rod Rheaume, Second, Approved.



Dave Gates indicated that Leon Kennison is willing to give a presentation on TEA-21. We can get the Cat-in-the-Fiddle room the week of April 19th. We decided on Wednesday April 21st. The menu options are to pick up to three items at a set price, or have an open menu. Three items require a minimum order of twenty people. It was decided that we shall have a turkey dinner (20 person minimum).


The Vermont section has expressed interest in a joint meeting. This year we will hold it in New Hampshire. Matt Purcell faxed a list of possible topics and locations to Dave Gates.


1. St. Gaudens National Historic Park, in Cornish, NH. A member of the Vermont Agency of Transport is a specialist in Historic Bridge structures. Windsor Bridge is nearby. (Longest covered bridge)

2. Dartmouth New Baker Library- New Superstructure with construction starting in spring.

3. Enfield Shaker Village Tour: Shaker museum Tour. Program could include Golf, a tour and dinner or just a tour & dinner.

We decided the meeting shall be held at the Enfield Shaker Village.


Engineer's Week (Judy Houston):

The scheduled speaker missed the banquet due to weather related flight cancellations. Luckily, members of his firm were in town for a meeting to kick-off the Manchester Civic Center Project. They filled in on short notice.


NHSPE made a profit from the banquet (even with discrepancies noted below).


There were a few price discrepancies that have to be resolved with the Center of NH.

We were charged for three bartenders. We requested one at the exhibits, and one at the dinner. The Center decided to have a second bartender at the exhibits.

Our agreement also included a clause that we would not pay an hourly fee for the Bartender if we hit minimum order. We have to see if we did hit the minimum.

We were also charged for too many meals.


Legislative (John Alger):

Ed Burgeron had asked John to introduce a bill to add a member to PE board. Ed Kelly spoke to John indicating that the bill no longer needed. Previously they were worried that a public member of the board was not supposed to earn money from engineering services. It is no longer an issue.


There is a bill to drop continuing education requirement. The committee has a meeting Friday (3/12/99). Craig Musselman will attend and represent engineers.


There is a hearing for the Emergency Management bill on the 16th. It is a fund bill to fund purchase of equipment in event of emergency. Harold Turner suggested that maybe the emergency meeting should have bill for borrowing authority, instead of appropriating funds. It would probably be easier to pass the bill if funds did not have to be allocated.


Incinerator bill will soon come up. Appropriate 20% to fund closure of incinerators.


Geologist Bill: Greg Smith has written a bill that may encroach on engineering.

Fourteen (14) other states license geologists. Most refer to geologists as a "science". Dave Gates is attending a meeting tomorrow. New Hampshire Council of Professional Geologists has called another meeting for March 29th at DES.


Certified Professional Erosion Controllers voiced concern at National Meeting. Their board will write a position statement regarding their certification vs. Professional Engineer requirements.



The state competition is Saturday March 13th