Board of Directors Meeting held at The Cat & Fiddle in Concord, NH on October 14, 1998.

Meeting called to order by Dave Gates at 6:15 PM.


Dave Gates

John Alger

Lee Carroll

Rod Rheaume

George Fredette

Matt Purcell

Dave Eckman

Holly Gallagher

Not Present:

Judith Houston

Harold Turner

Chip Chesley

Craig Musselman


Secretary's Report:

Lee Carroll motioned that the minutes be accepted. Craig Musselman seconded the motion. Approved.



The next issue of The Observer will be in the mail this week.


Membership Committee:

Dave Gates has not yet called meeting. He expects to call a membership meeting before next board meeting.


Program - Dave Gates:

John Alger mentioned Larry Young lives in Rumney, NH. He is an Astronaut interested in medical aspects of space. We should keep him in mind as a future speaker.


Engineer's Week George Fredette

A letter went out to society presidents announcing Engineer's Week, indicating they should advertise to membership. George will send a follow-up letter in early December.


George asked if we should mail announcements to the whole PE list (from the PE Board). The board agreed that we should mail to everyone to increase the engineer base beyond our membership.

The Center of NH reservation is confirmed & we are getting the menu set.


George is contacting the Governor's office regarding a Photo opportunity and an Engineer's Week Proclamation


In Past we've invited Guests. Should we reinvite:

George did not invite the Governor when he made contact because she would end up as a speaker, but we cannot count on her committing.


Craig Musselman indicated that we could offer her a standing invitation to come and speak for 10 minutes. It will be considered.


Exhibitor Booths-- We need to start compiling a list of exhibitors.


NSPE has a bunch of "trinkets" - George is considering buying 10 mugs to send to society presidents a week before banquet to increase excitement in Engineerís Week.


Candidates for speaker:

  1. Lou Gorman former GM of Boston Red Soxís
  2. Klien Associates Recovering Titanic
  3. HOK Associates Builders of Athletic Stadiums
  4. Richard Letterer Teacher (No, he is now out of town)
  5. John Glenn
  6. Larry Young John Algerís previous suggestion


John Alger suggested Craig Benson from Cabletron Will be tough to get.

Lee Carroll suggested Earl Peirce from Bell Atlantic Manchester for a telecommunications talk.


George will not be able to attend banquet. We need an MC.

Can we give it to someone to get them more active? It was agreed that it is a good idea.

John Alger suggested Mike Donahue.


Mall display Athena Setas will chair (Active ASCE younger member)


Engineer of the Year Need Nominee by next meeting also young engineer of year, ACEC Nominating Art Rose.


Sent a letter congratulating Art Schwatz on his change in profession.


Anyone can view the LSRíS on Webster (NH Web site)

There are no bills of dramatic concern for NHSPE


Lee Carroll contacted Texas SPE, they are working with IEEE & Computer Society to setup NCEES approved exam.


Hydrogeoligist bill will probably not happen due to lack of funding.





Treasurerís Report:

Balance $15,134.74. No expenses paid.


Craig Musselman motioned that the Treasurerís report be accepted. John Alger seconded the motion. Approved.


George Fredette Natalie cost $1,500 last year for Engineer Week services.

George proposed having his secretary receive calls (reservations), checks and hand out nametags at the banquet. NHSPE will give her check for $500 - $700 at end. All agreed that it was appropriate.



Dave Eckman distributed questionnaire for member BIOS & info for web site.


NATIONAL Craig Musselman

Strategic future development task force report issued this summer recommends sweeping changes in NSPE. Leadership appointed new committee to institute recommendations. It made none of the recommended changes. It still promotes only licensed engineers. It does allow ABET graduates to be members, but not officers. They have proposed adopting this plan at the board meeting during the presidents meeting in Atlanta. (Jan 28-31)


Craig felt that NH will not be able to voice objection with any result. It is not worth trying.


Dave Gates wants to invite VT SPE to CREL meeting. We can talk to them regarding the task force recommendations.


Other Business:

Dave Gates met with congressmen Sununu to for a Photo opportunity. He was presented with a NSPE PAC check.


President Elects were polled: Should winter conference rotate or stay in Washington? Craig Musselman indicated it should be at Washington HQ so they can see operations.


Next Meeting will be at The Cat & Fiddle in Concord, NH - December 9, 1998 at 6:00 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM