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November 1999

A Word From The President

Your NHSPE organization is back and fully functional after the all too brief summer of relaxation and planning. After two meetings of the Officers and Committee Chairs, the plan is to have at least three general membership meetings this year, with details on these presently being settled.

NHSPE is your organization and we are looking for individuals who wish to be active in it to step forward and let the Officers know. We have an immediate opening for a member interested in serving as one of the NHSPE's representatives to the QBS (Quality Based Selection) organization, and will have a second opening next year for another member for the same group. Our present representatives have been actively involved with the QBS organization, including its initial formation. Now that QBS is fully up and operational and recognized in its work, these members want to step aside so others may participate actively in its ongoing endeavors.

Our Engineer's Week program and planning is under way with George Fredette, P.E., SFC Engineering Partnership heading this up. I'm sure George would welcome any volunteer assistance with this.

The MATHCOUNTS program is reported in a separate article, which notes all is underway for another interesting year.

Due to the requirements at his firm Mr. Harold Turner Jr., P.E., President, The H.L. Turner Group, Inc. has submitted his resignation as a State Director. At its meeting in October the NHSPE Board accepted this, with regret. At the same meeting Mr. Joseph M. Ducharme Jr., P.E., Vice President, TTG Environmental Consultants, LLC was elected to the open State Director's position.

Nationally and regionally NSPE is reorganizing. You should read Craig Musselman's report on the recent regional meeting at Burlington VT., to see how these changes will affect NHSPE.

Please remember I welcome input from members at any time; what do you want for topics at the meetings? Where geographically do you prefer meetings (Seacoast, Manchester, Concord, Nashua) etc.? Remember we are not clairvoyant. You can call me at 466-5065 or e-mail at

Lee F. Carroll, P.E.,

President, NHSPE

Attendees of the joint Vermont and New Hampshire meeting visited this amazing six story building in Enfield, VT that housed the Shakers in modern comfort. It is called the Great Stone Dwelling.


Vermont & New Hampshire Members Enjoy Enfield

On May 27, 1999 members from the Vermont and New Hampshire chapters of the Society of Professional Engineers united for a joint meeting at The Shaker Inn in Enfield, New Hampshire. Members were provided with an entertaining and educational tour of the Enfield Shaker Museum and Great Stone Dwelling, which was followed by a delightful dinner, and concluded with a discussion by Bob Sylar, President of NSPE.

The tour started in the Enfield Museum, behind the Great Stone Dwelling. A guided tour of the museum, illustrated the life and history of the Enfield Shaker Enclave. The Enfield Shakers settled at the Lower Shaker Village site in 1793 and was the 9th of 18 Shaker communities established in the United States. At its peak in 1850, more than 300 adults and children lived, worked and worshipped in this com-munity. The Shakers farmed and manufactured wood products that were sold outside the community, to provide income. During their tenure the Enfield Shakers constructed two important structures. One was a bridge spanning Mascoma Lake and provided the community with market access in Enfield.

The second, an engineering masterpiece, was the Great Stone Dwelling located in Lower Shaker Village. Members got an up close and fascinating tour of this structure. Built between 1837 and 1841 this structure is six stories tall, and constructed of solid New Hampshire granite. The Dwelling is the largest main dwelling ever built by any Shaker community. Exterior bearing walls allowed the Shakers to construct large open rooms for eating on the first floor and for a Brother's room on the second. In true Shaker style, no space is wasted, hidden closets and cupboards abound everywhere.

Following the tour a delicious dinner was served with entrées prepared with herbs harvested from the Shaker gardens. Following dinner, chapter presidents Brad Aldrich, P.E. of Vermont and David Gates, P.E. of New Hampshire discussed the direction of NSPE within their respective chapters. They were followed by a presentation from Bob Sylar, the president of NSPE.

Bob discussed the current effort to restructure NSPE and how the members and chapters will determine the direction and future of the Society. The Society's new vision, and mission statements, developed by the Leadership Consensus Congress were presented. He also described the history behind the development of these statements, restructuring of the society and the goals of the organization. Bob concluded his presentation with a call to the members to assume a proactive role as leaders in the community.

The meeting concluded with the induction of each chapter's Board of Directors.

Matthew Purcell, P.E.

NHSPE Vice President

NHSPE and VTSPE officers pose with NSPE President Bob Sylar (3rd from right)
Bob Sylar, NSPE President speaks about the society's restructuring and goals


From the Editor

Judy Houston passed on the reins as editor of The Observer this Summer. I'm sure the members and Board of Directors wish to thank her for her excellent work as editor over the past years. As the new editor, I've been spending the Fall getting up to speed on various issues and getting to know the board members, committee members and other participants.

This issue includes an article on the joint meeting with the Vermont chapter of NHSPE held this past May and gives updates on the various upcoming activities. Top on the list of future events are the general membership meeting scheduled for November 30, 1999 with the Society of American Military Engineers, and of course Engineers Week in February. This issue also includes the various committee reports and an article on the pending bill in the legislature for professional licensure of geologists in New Hampshire and how it relates to licensed engineers.

The purpose of The Observer is to inform members of the various activities of NHSPE, including meetings and activities, items relating to engineering as a profession, and general items of interest to members. I welcome any suggestions for what you'd like to see in future issues of The Observer, or any comments or complaints. Feel free to contact me at 431-6196 or I look forward to serving NHSPE in this capacity, and providing a newsletter which is of benefit to the members of NHSPE.

Paul D. Schmidt, P.E.

The Observer Editor


10,000th Licensed Engineer

The New Hampshire Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers awarded the 10,000th Professional Engineers license in New Hampshire this Fall, to Eric T. Reitter, P.E. a project engineer at CMA Engineers, Inc. Mr. Reitter attended an award ceremony at the Governor and Council meeting in August.

Governor Jeanne Shaheen presents the 10,000th NH Professional Engineer’s License to Eric T. Reitter, P.E.


NHSPE Member Appointed to NH Board of Engineers

NHSPE member Craig Musselman, P.E. of Portsmouth was appointed in August by Governor Jeanne Shaheen to a five year term through 2004 as a member of the New Hampshire Board of Licensure of Professional Engineers. Craig presently serves NHSPE as the national director, and is a past NHSPE president. He is a civil and environmental engineer, and is the President of CMA Engineers, Inc. of Portsmouth.

The P.E. Board presently includes Chairman Ed Bergeron, P.E. of North Conway; Vice Chairman Ed Kelley, P.E. of Bedford; Tyler Carlisle, P.E. of Manchester, and; public member Ken Malcolm of Hampton. John Jacobsen, P.E. of Bedford retired from the Board after many years of service.

NHSPE and the New Hampshire engineering community are preparing for the 50th annual National Engineers Week! The highlight of this year's celebration will be a banquet to be held on Thursday, February 24, 2000. This banquet is always the most popular and well-attended event of the year, drawing engineers from across the state.

This year's banquet and exhibition will be held at the Center of New Hampshire in Manchester. The evening begins at 5:00 with an exhibit display and social gathering. Dinner is served at 7:00 p.m.. The program continues with the Engineer-of-the-Year and the Young-Engineer-of-the-Year award presentation, and the introduction of the 1999 MATHCOUNTS winner. Our keynote speaker will then delight and entertain.

If you would like to:

  • help plan this year's activities
  • nominate a candidate as Engineer-of-the-Year
  • contribute to a special newspaper insert planned for the Union Leader
  • participate at the Engineers Week display at the Steeplegate Mall in
  • Concord
  • plan an exhibitors display of your own
  • or just ask a question, please contact George Fredette at (603) 647-8700



The 1999 legislative session of the NH General Court never closed because of the never-ending crisis over school funding. Nevertheless, 603 bills were listed as of October 13 for the year 2000 session (starts in January) indicating, I suppose, about 800 may ultimately be entered! Of those, the following two may be of special interest and concern to members of NHSPE: "establishing a committee to study the establishment of a regulated professions act to promote consistency and efficiency in occupational regulation" by Representative Vivian Clark; and "relative to certain engineering businesses" by Senator Beverly Hollingworth. We will monitor these as time moves and may ask NHSPE to take a position if necessary, if these appear to impact the engineering profession.

Submitted by Rep. John Alger, P.E.

NHSPE Legislation Committee Chair


Licensure of Professional Geologists in New Hampshire

In January 1999, a bill was filed in the New Hampshire Senate (SB181) which would establish a licensing program for professional geologists in New Hampshire. Similar licensing or professional certification for geologists exists in over 25 states.

The bill was drafted as an initiative of the NH Council of Professional Geologists (NHCPG). The bill as originally filed included several areas of concern, and also conflicts, to the engineering profession and statute (NHRSA 310A). Soon after the bill was filed, at the request of several professional engineering organizations in New Hampshire (including the NH Society of Professional Engineers and Consulting Engineers of NH) and the NHCPG, the Senate "re-referred" the bill until fall 1999 to provide time for interested parties to explore issues associated with the bill, and propose amendments to address those issues.

Following re-referral, an ad-hoc Joint Working Group (JWG) was established among representatives of NH Society of Professional Engineers, Consulting Engineers of NH, NH Section of ASCE, the NH Geologic Society, the NH Council of Professional Geologists, and the NH Department of Environmental Services. The JWG met four times between March and September 1999, and had in-depth discussions regarding the relationship of professional engineering to the proposed profession of geology. The objective was to determine amendment language which would provide for a licensure program for professional geologists which would not conflict with, and could also complement, the engineering profession and statute.

At the end of September 1999, the Joint Working Group reached consensus on modifications to the bill. Most of the modifications addressed the relationship of engineering to geology, by clarifying distinctions, and addressing the potential "overlaps" of work between the respective professions. The amended language was proposed to the NH Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee, which formally amended the bill in accordance with these recommendations on October 5, 1999. The bill will be considered by the full Senate later this year, and it is anticipated that it will be considered by the NH House in early/mid 2000.

Based on review of professional geology statues and bills in numerous other states, the NH bill satisfactorily deals with the interests of the engineering profession, in comparison with all other states reviewed.

Under the bill, professional geology is generally defined as science, and geologic interpretation and application of information derived from scientific geologic study. It does not include engineering and other applications of geologic information, or the identification or determination of engineered solutions which are necessary to address circumstances identified by geologic characterization.

The bill would establish a Board of Professional Geologists, which would be part of the NH Joint Board. A professional geologist license will require passing of a comprehensive examination, demonstrated experience, meeting educational criteria, demonstration of ethnical standards, and continuing education. A limited period of one year would be established for initial licensure of geologists without examination.

These professional standards for the licensure of geologists in SB181 are among the most stringent in comparison to statues/bills in other states.

NHSPE was represented in this process by David Gates of CLD, and Arthur Cunningham of Weston. Persons interested in additional information, copies of the bill, or copies of the Memorandum of Understanding generated by the Joint Work Group may contact Dave or Art.

Submitted by William A. Straub, P.E.


MATHCOUNTS 1999-2000

The registration process is underway for another year with 27 schools signed up so far. There are two changes in regional coordinators this year. Dr. Donald Melvin, P.E., the Seacoast Region Coordinator since the program was initiated seventeen years ago, has been replaced by David Eckman, P.E. with Bob Baskerville, P.E. also indicating he will assist Dave if necessary. Doris Davidson, Lebanon Region Coordinator, also requested a replacement takeover after her many years in the program. This position, normally a teacher representative, is still open.

The program needs your assistance in the promotion of your local school's participation in this 7th and 8th grade mathematics competition. If there is data you need to have to provide this assistance, please let me know. I am hoping to step back to solely a Regional Coordinator next year. Is there a volunteer interested in the State Coordinator's position for the 2000-2001 year? If so, or if you wish to assist with this year's program, please contact me at 466-5065 or

Submitted by Lee F. Carroll, P.E.

State MATHCOUNTS Coordinator


NSPE Board Votes to "Right Size"

At the annual Board of Directors meeting held in Spokane, Washington in July, the board of the National Society of Professional Engineers voted to change the size of its board of directors to a board consisting of less than 30 members. The specific size and make-up of the board will be decided at a Board of Directors Meeting/Consensus Congress to be held in Virginia in January, 2000.

The present board of NSPE consists of the various officers of NSPE as well as representation from each of the 50 states. Larger states have multiple representatives. This large board of directors has dealt with the minute details of governing NSPE for many decades.

The proposed alternate structure with an NSPE board of less than 30 members would create a less unwieldy board more capable of dealing with the task of managing NSPE. The state societies under the new arrangement would have input to regional vice presidents at regional meetings, in our case through the annual Northeast Regional meeting. We would also participate in an annual consensus congress to be held each winter to allow broad participation in the setting of goals and priorities of NSPE. The consensus congress would be scheduled at the same time as the annual leadership training sessions for state society president-elects, which would allow us to cover the national meetings more efficiently. Attendance by NHSPE at the regional meetings, which has been infrequent in recent years, will take on more importance after the restructuring is completed.

The Board of Directors of NHSPE has been wholly supportive of the on-going reorganization efforts.

Submitted by Craig N. Musselman, P.E.

NHSPE National Director

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